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About Us


           Sarah Head is a Northern California jewelry designer and fabricator, and has been selling  jewelry in the Bay Area for the past 18 years.                                                   Born and raised in a little town in the South of France, near Nice, Sarah has been making jewelry since childhood and through years of studying jewelry design and techniques in workshops, classes and through general travels around the world and exposure to various cultures she combines a wide range of influences in her work. 


                       “There is the design, the color combinations, the materials, stones or parts chosen for a piece, the scales and various weights of components and how they relate to another, there are the overall textures and beyond that there is a way they all combine to create a unique expression with a unique feel.

                        I am particularly fascinated with the way that objects age with time and use. The fading of colors, the rounding of angles and uneven wear that occurs. There is a feeling of softness that objects take in in my opinion when they have been worn and appreciated and have shared moments and history with us, that energy remains in them and we can sense that life in heirloom jewelry. Probably a fascination that stems from growing up surrounded with old architecture and the special atmosphere of the medieval village and surrounding towns and villages in Europe where I spent my childhood. Later traveling through India and Asia I continued to witness and investigate that mixture of old being absorbed with the new and the beauty and depth that comes from this. In many of my pieces I try to recreate this feel with filing, metal oxidizing, torch fired enamels, textures and other various techniques.

                        I can trace my aesthetics and sensibilities to borrow from many sources and influences. From my attraction to the exposed mechanisms and parts found in Industrial era objects, to the curvy and organic patterns of turn-of-the-century European Art. I find I resonate as much with the beautiful and intricate use of lines and delineated shapes found in Asian calligraphy and architecture as with the minimalism of mid century modernism.                                                                                                                       And of course there is my overall amazement and awe at nature and the myriads and subtleties of textures, patterns and compositions one sees endlessly unfold when paying attention. With my own take and fascination for jewelry I would like to bring some of the sweetness, symbolism and direct connection to nature one can feel with native or tribal jewelry.

                        Beyond the first visual impact made by the necklace, bracelet or other I strive to create an experience of intimacy and resonance with the piece that translates and is felt by the holder.”


In her collections Sarah uses precious and semi precious materials with metals such as Sterling Silver, Gold fill, Bronze and Copper combined and often contrasted against raw materials such as wood, leather, bone, shells but also semi precious and precious stones. Enamel and Bronze Clay as well as castings are very predominant as well.

Sarah Head lives in the Redwoods in Mill Valley with her husband and two daughters.She is also an acupuncturist and certified Qigong instructor.